49ers news: Offensive coach Chris Forster cheered him up for the first week

49ers Hire the game coordinator, and offensive line coach Chris Forster spoke to the media for a week one review and divisional contender preview. Seattle Seahawks.

Q: How did your youth feel on the line?

“Well, it’s always hard after a loss, because when you lose everything it’s tainted by your loss. There are a lot of things that could have been done better. But overall, I think it was a solid first outing. That’s the best way to say it. If We did a little bit better, we probably would have won the match. But the guys worked really well together, they did really well together in spurts and gave us a chance to get some success. We didn’t quite get it done, but I wasn’t disappointed with any stretch. They played well” .

Forrester supports his comrades.

This was shocking to me, I thought Aaron Banks struggled a bit. Spencer Burford played a strong match. The light will shine on the smaller offensive linemen together with the Tre Lance. Continuity and offensive line go hand in hand. They are still adapting things and will continue to feel comfortable at the next level.

Q: T Mike McGlinchey did some training while on vacation just about correcting his mental state after he was playing poorly. Did you see progress from him after the only sack he gave up, and that he played more consistently?

“One hundred percent, yeah. Mike worked really hard at it. It’s known that this is a problem he just has to bounce back from bad play. Everyone is going to have a bad play. How do you recover from that, how do you progress through the rest of the game, I think that was really positive.” As for him. He had a negative play early on and we talked about it on the sidelines and he corrected it and he was able to, he had a real similar play, it came out like it was in the fourth quarter, I think the protection summon is identical and he set it a lot differently. He handled it differently A lot and get it right, that’s all you ask for. Everyone is going to have their ups and downs in the game, but being able to fight through it and do a good job.”

McGlinchey is Serviceable

McGlinchy getting things right after a tragic cyst was a relief. Winning the war, not the battle, is Forster’s theme. It goes for all of us, we see a player get hit badly and then we say we need something else, they need to be cut, etc. Game. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get hit as fast on the sack next time.

Q: Can you tell that QB Trey Lance has an impact on your running game, just from being on the field? Can you see that, like it’s just a threat from him?

“Oh, sure, because the defensive way has to be played. In the last game, for example, when you’re in certain formations, pistol formations, and shotgun formations, the endings have to be, the defense has to make a decision about how they’re going to play and that’s different from what They have to play in it when you’re always under position when you don’t have a threat of running a quarterback. That’s how it is. Now, it’s not a huge deal because they have a call and our defense has him as well as who has the quarterback, blah, blah, blah. But it’s different from just lining up Every shot and doing the same. Now all of a sudden you have this other call and then all the compliments that can come with it pass the gameplay movement and those things can cause a little more. It just adds a layer they have to work on, it’s really the best way to say it. And everybody’s got an answer for it and everybody’s seen it enough now, but you can tell that the effects and you allow other games to happen because of the threat of a running quarterback, you’re manipulating the way they’re going to play your running quarterback when that time comes.”

San Francisco offense may exceed total rush for week one / Lance will be more intense in week two

The monsoons at Soldier Field last week forced the Niners to make a living on the land. However, the 176-yard total dash is in jeopardy with the 49er’s furious offense. The Seahawk defense is missing their best player Jamal Adams and watched Bobby Wagner join the Rams in the off-season. Going over 176 yards is wishful thinking and Shanahan’s offense should comfortably win with 120 on the floor.

I’ve approached this question in many ways, but my gut feeling tells me Lance will pick it up in the second week. Led the NFL at Big Time Throws in Week 1 In uncharacteristic circumstances. We can see more area reading plays, then again, I rely on talented 49er wide receiver To make it easier for him. Shanahan could only give Lance more chances in explosive plays with better conditions.

When you turn on the Seahawks tape, is it weird not to see their classic eight-man box and not to see the third thing they were doing?

“You know, to me, I only see really big guys. When you look at 97 and 90 and 99, I only see old, big guys in the middle. And I see good bribers can rush past. And whether the eighth guy’s down or not, these guys The seniors are still a pain in the ass, man. They are good players. It’s really hard to stop them. They do a good job defending and defeating blocks. They’ve trained well there for a long time. And although the scheme has changed slightly, the That those big idiots are still out there, man. And they’re doing a good job. And it’s always a challenge. When I run the movie, I still wish they’d go somewhere else, but they just take up the whole space of the movie and my legs, we have to get out there, have to Guys go out and compete and do well against them. They are a great group and they are always a challenge.”

Did not matterAbout the scheme

Forster gets along with other 49er trainers in the mission they are at. Scheme plays a role in every game, but Forster stresses that everyone has to do their job. Seattle’s linebackers tend to gobble up two-team blocks while linebacker Jordyn Brooks finishes off the tackle. Shanahan is looking for a stronger game than Mike McGlinchey and Trent Williams so that Lance can stand strong in the pocket.

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