18 Best Early Amazon Prime Day (2022) Deals: Echo Devices, Phones, TVs

Back in 2015, Amazon made waves with its first annual Prime Day shopping event. “You can’t just spend a shopping vacation!” People cried, and yet the sale kicked in, statistically outperforming Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in some years. Competitive sales stimulated millions of Amazon Prime Membership. And it’s happening again – sort of. Amazon has else Prime Day This year, dubbed Prime Early Access eventIt runs from October 11 to October 12.

Similar to Prime Day, many discounts will be available exclusively to Amazon Prime members (This is a 30-day free trial; Set a reminder to cancel it before it automatically renews). But, as usual, the price drop has already begun. We’ve rounded up the best Prime Day early deals we’ve found here – on Amazon and other retailers – and we’ll continue to update this story ahead of the main event. Just remember: Black Friday is just around the corner – don’t feel pressured to buy something just because it’s on sale. our Prime Day Shopping Guide Full of tips to help you navigate the action like a pro. And if you are looking for more, the competing target Deal Days Event started. We have rounded up Even our favorite discounts are here.

Updated October 8: We’ve added deals on Fire HD 8, iPad Mini, Razor mouse, Staples chair, and Samsung phones.

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Amazon Devices Offers

deals on Amazon devices Is a dime a dozen, but since Amazon Unveiled recently Many new gadgets, we see discounts on old models. We’ve highlighted the best deals below, but you can Check out all Amazon device discounts here.

Amazon Fire HD 10

Image: Amazon

This is identical to a low price we’ve only seen twice. The Fire HD 10 (7/10, WIRED RECOMMEND) he is Our favorite Amazon tablet. It’s best for light browsing, watching videos, or playing games, but it’s powerful enough to do some very light work tasks, especially if you pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard. There is no Google Play Store, but There is an alternative solution To add it and access more applications. It’s hard to find another good tablet at this low price. Read best tablet And the best fire tablet for more.

Amazon recently updated the Fire HD 8 tablet, which is Available for pre-order nowBut if you’re in the market for a cheap tablet, this previous generation Fire HD 8 is still a good deal. The travel-friendly size, combined with a reasonably powerful processor, makes it nearly as capable as its bigger brother. It’s portable enough to take anywhere with you, and its screen won’t torture your eyes when watching Netflix. You can even use files Our guide on installing the Google Play Store To make it more capable than it is out of the box.

This was $5 cheaper on Prime Day (in July), and the price will likely drop next week. 4th generation Echo Dot (8/10, WIRED RECOMMEND) we had Favorite speaker is Alexa For a while, but Amazon announced the release of Fifth generation model Better sound if you prefer to get newer and better. The fourth generation model is still a great device. It’s small enough to fit in any room, and the sound quality is good despite its size. You can set alarms or timers, check the weather, listen to music, or… game Skyrim only your voice. You can get Model with built in clock For another $10.

Amazon Echo Glow

Image: Amazon

This is the best price we’ve tracked for the Echo Glow. it’s a Bad sunrise warning, but it’s a decent night light. It’s meant for kids, although it might also work well in a guest room, especially considering that Alexa speakers can double sound machines. Controlling the lamp requires pairing it with either an Echo device or the Alexa app.

The Amazon Echo Show 8 is our software Alexa-powered favorite smart screenAnd that price cuts it down to $5 cheaper than what we saw during last peak day – a historic low. The 8-inch screen size is almost universally useful, whether you’re following a recipe or checking the weather. There is a built-in camera with auto-zoom and pan capabilities for video calls or conferencing. Read The best smart screens Guide for more recommendations.

Note that voucher codes must be entered at checkout and they are Valid only for main members. We’ve seen that drop to $35 before, but never to $25. Echo Show 5 is Too small for our tastesBut it’s a good Alexa-enabled alternative for Show 8 if you want a screen in an area with limited space.

technical deals

Google Pixel 6A

Image: google

Google Pixel 6A phone (8/10, WIRED RECOMMEND) he is Our favorite Android phoneand also got our top pick as Best cheap phone. This deal matches the best discount we’ve seen. Even when it’s not on sale, the Pixel 6A offers incredible value, with great performance, excellent cameras, amazing battery life, and a great screen. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal than this one.

It costs a fortune. But fold! And believe it or not, this screen real estate is really cool. Android 12L also makes life easier on a bigger screen thanks to improved multitasking. Battery life is good, and you get a bright, smooth screen—no crease on the fold. This is the lowest price we’ve seen so far on this relatively new foldable phone.

younger than Samsung foldable phonesThe Z Flip4 looks like a “normal” phone when opened, but fold it up and it will slip into some very small pockets. It’s almost like a file StarTak, but with a real screen. The battery will help you throughout the day, but not for longer. However, if you want a foldable phone, this deal is the cheapest we’ve seen on this new model.

Apple iPad mini 2021

Photo: Apple

Apple iPad mini 2021 (8/10, WIRED RECOMMENDIt’s like the iPad Pro, with thinner bezels and a smaller 8.3-inch screen. Its portable size makes it great for travel. You may be able to match it to files cargo pants pocket.

this is deny doc Works on any iPhone with MagSafe Support (iPhone 12 and later). Place your iPhone on the circular center plate and it will magnetically attach and recharge wirelessly. But the most important thing is behind. You get a range of charging ports, which makes a great little ball for the desk to charge a multitude of items. There are two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, as well as three AC outlets.

This is the smaller, tethered companion to our favorite Razer mouse, the The ultimate razor. Don’t let the “mini” in the name fool you – this is a standard size mouse and its accuracy is very good. It’s a great cheap mouse if the mouse below is out of your budget.

SteelSeries Prime Wireless

Photo: SteelSeries

our Favorite gaming mouse It is for sale! Prime is technically designed for esports games, and Prime doesn’t clutter up a lot of buttons. It is fast, responsive and satisfactorily clickable. The wireless range is impressive and reliable, and it moves smoothly over almost any surface.

Click the coupon button on the page to view the discount at checkout. we This deal was highlighted a few weeks agoEffectively returns if you use the coupon code. With a single USB-C cable connected to your laptop, you get an extra 15.6-inch display that’s thin and lightweight, and you can bring it anywhere you go. It comes with a kickstand, although you may want to invest in something more powerful.

TCL 6 Series (9/10, WIRED RECOMMEND) Do you The best TV for most people. This is one of the best deals we’ve seen for a 55″ size. A panel of quantum dots means viewers will experience vivid colours, deep blacks and excellent contrast. This TV also contains Roku Created Live For easy streaming capabilities. If you don’t need the latest and best, then TCL 5 . Series Series 6 near quality – recommend for entry-level TV shoppers – and all size for sale. Read more about it on our website The best TVs Instructs.

home deals

Staples Flexfit Heiken Task Chair

Photo: Staples

This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen on this chair, and it’s our favorite budget option best office chairs Instructs. It reclines and has a headrest, and the mesh allows good airflow. It does the job very well.

The last time we saw a deal like this was last December. Now is the time to get in on it if you miss it while you’re in the market, although it will likely sell out again at that price sometime in the future. This luxurious (and precious) espresso machine has a built-in rotary mill and hot water spout. Simply load them up with beans and tap on the digital screen to make drinks at home. There is even a steam wand for making latte and cappuccino easily. our The best espresso machines And the The best latte machines The guides have additional choices, including some that are easier on your wallet.

Free weights are one of the The best tools for exercising at homeMany different AmazonBasics dumbbells are on sale at historically low prices. We haven’t tested these things ourselves, but they generally have good customer reviews. Some reviews indicate that the rubber has an unpleasant smell when it arrives, but after a few days of ventilation this should be canceled if it appears. Note that these are sold individually, so you’ll need to add two to your cart if you’re trying to get a pair.

Competing retailer sales pages

Other stores have started offering competing deals No Amazon Prime membership required (Others will likely do.) Below is a list of merchants who may participate in the event.

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