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By Ira Kaufman

They are not very good. In fact, they are quite poor.

You can focus on the coaching staff, but you’re kidding yourself if you think this group of guys can run the tournament.

Without doing anything special, the visiting crows outdid the Bucs poorly in front of a national television audience trying to identify the impersonator wearing the number 12.

It could have been worse, had Baltimore not dropped at least two objections. Tom Brady played it well, but well it wasn’t good enough that Tampa Bay’s talent suddenly became suspicious.

Who played well? Mike Evans had a nice game. Tristan Wirks is always one of the elite. Ryan Skoop has been amazing. Vita Via was a force at times. Shack Barrett flashed.

This is about it, guys.

If Ravens OC Greg Roman didn’t foolishly try to turn Lamar Jackson into Dan Marino in the first half, this one might be funny. The Ravens are a running team and they have proven that in a dominant second half against the rush defense they serve as a shell from previous Todd Bowles units.

Jackson’s primary target, tight end, Mark Andrews, left early with a shoulder injury. It didn’t matter once Roman got up in the booth and realized that his bouts of running in Tampa Bay are awful at times.

Turns out, the 2-0 Buc start was a mirage. The past six games have rocked this franchise from the fan base to the property group.

Brady must have regretted his uneasy decision. Jason Licht must have regretted that Ndamukong Suh was not sent back to support this suspected defense. Poké fans must be sorry that they have raised the value of season tickets.

That’s hard to watch We’re almost halfway through the season and the Bucs aren’t doing anything well – except for field goals. Training lacks imagination and players lack passion.

Don’t look now, but the Bucs will be looking for Atlanta if the favorite Hawks take care of working against the Carolinas.

This season is slipping away amid a series of dumb mistakes, bad tackles and underhand tackles. It doesn’t help that Barrett, who scored a koala and three tackles for a loss, appeared to have a serious Achilles tendon injury.

Here’s how to intimidate the Bucs on their way to a 27-22 victory:

* Devin White slipped from post-season 2020 stud to running as well due to poor angles and poor focus. He didn’t like what the Bulls told him on the sidelines and wouldn’t like the Bulls’ criticism better next week. Time for another chat with Derrick Brooks about the art of improving your craft.

* Tampa Bay’s defense was as strong as it did on Sunday in Charlotte. The Ravens scored one first on their first four possessions and had to settle for a field goal after a subdued kick into the Tampa Bay 6-yard line.

*Something must have got into Gatorade in the first inning because Baltimore came out with three TDs in a row, covering 77, 80 and 83 yards. Tampa Bay’s second-half defense has been revealed in each of the past four games as rival teams have made major adjustments.

* The Ravens have held ownership for 33 of the last 45 minutes. What is this Alabama vs Vanderbilt? This isn’t supposed to happen in a parity-frenzied NFL.

* The game turned out primarily because the Bucs bet five possessions in a row, scoring only the first two touchdowns along the way. There is a lot of pressure on a defense that has not excelled since the third week loss to Green Bay.

* Crows average 7.0 yards per carry. The usual Bucs averaged 2.9. Yes, this game is still all about blocking and dealing.

*Byron Liftwich must be seeing those 3rd sticks in his sleep by now. Tampa Bay went 4 for 13 on the money, dropping the Bucs to 10 for a bankrupt 39 during this three-game slump.

*Did I mention that crows dropped two pickaxes and were marked seven times for 101 yards?

*After the match, a shocked Brady noticed that the Bucs had lost for the fourth time in five weeks. Actually, it’s five losses in six weeks, but who counts? the glass.

* Look on the bright side. At this rate, the Bucs might have a chance of making an excellent pick in a rich draft midfield.

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